Automotive HVAC Case Study

Automotive HVAC Case Study

autohvacAutomated Quality Testing of Automotive HVAC Units

Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling systems are vital to today’s driving experience. With customer satisfaction tested with each push of a button, noise, vibration, and failure are not an option.


Develop a functional test system that cycles HVAC assemblies through all of their functions to validate quality.

Calling the Experts

The customer, a Tier 1 automotive supplier, called upon Signalysis to develop an automated quality test system capable of evaluating 100% of the manufactured units.

Testing Goals:

  • Provide inspection for all manufactured HVAC units
  • Meet cycle time requirements
  • Store data in an SQL database by SN and time/date
  • Provide daily production reports
  • Serve Data for Statistical Process Control

Blowing away NVH Issues

Signalysis designed and developed a custom IQC™ test station providing the customer with the ability to:

  • Equate subjective assessments to root cause
  • Validate aesthetic & functional specifications
  • Minimize production cycle time impact
  • Eliminate the cost & subjectivity of human inspection

The IQC station included:

  • A computer control system
  • Multi-channel data acquisition system
  • Digital I/O interface hardware
  • Accelerometers / automated placement devices
  • SigQC™ analysis software


Tests on each HVAC unit were conducted to detect defects in sound quality and functional specifications including: current, rpm, pressure, louver arc, and so on.

As a result of implementing the Signalysis IQC Test System, all test requirements were met. As a result the manufacturer could proceed confident that its own rigid quality standards, and lofty expectations of its customers, were not only met; but exceeded.