Fast Way to Upgrade 2.00.00 – 3.07.09 database to 3.07.11 – 3.07.xx

Fast Way to Upgrade 2.00.00 – 3.07.09 database to 3.07.11 – 3.07.xx

This Knowledgebase article applies to:

  • SigQC version(s) 3.07.11 on the following platforms: All Supported
  • Fixed in version 3.07.11


When upgrading SigQC 2.00.00 – 3.07.09 to 3.07.11 – 3.07.xx you need to run a database upgrade on all your databases. The SigDbUtil application that ships with 3.07.11 will allow you to do a database conversion from any previous version. In doing this it duplicates the database and takes a substantial amount of time and disk space. This is the best way for users to do the upgrade. See SigQC getting started installation notes on the process


A new database key was added to the database which requires this upgrade. The data structures in the database were not modified substantially.


Due to the nature of the database change between these versions, an upgrade can be performed by just rebuilding the keys for the newer version. This should only be used by SigQC tech support representatives and not the general user.
The steps are as follows:
– BACKUP your databases, this upgrade is done on the actual databases. NO copies are made.
– Open your old version of SigQC and unregister all your databases
– Install new version of SigQC
– Install SigDbUtil version
– Run SigDbUtil
– Note: Key build sequence starts here
– Select Maintenance | Rebuild Key Files menu
– In the Rebuild Key Files dialog select your database location using the Source Database browse button
– The version of the database will automatically be detected as 2.00.00 – 3.07.09
– You need to override this version setting and select version 3.07.11 – 3.xx.xx
– The system will complain when you try this, but it will allow you to select it
– Rebuild the keys by selecting the Build Keys button
– The DOS window will show you the progress of the keybuild and any errors
– If the key build is error free then close the DOS window and SigDbUtil
– Your database folder should now contain a “.K08” and a “.D00” file
– Repeat the key build sequence for each database
– Run SigQC 3.07.11 and Open each of your converted databases.
– All databases were unregistered so you will need to enter both the directory and name for each database

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