Units in the acceptance test datapool are not ordered properly by date

Units in the acceptance test datapool are not ordered properly by date

This Knowledgebase article applies to:

  • SigQC version(s) 3.07.10 on the following platforms: All Supported


When reviewing the acceptance test, the unit serial numbers displayed in the datapool are not ordered by date. Clicking the First button or Next and Previous buttons, reveals that the most current data is intermingled with older data.


In version 3.07.10, a new search method was used to speed up retreival of unit serial numbers for the datapool list. This new method relies on the fact that data is stored in the database in the order it was acquired. When using auto data deletion or the data deletion feature of SigQC, holes are opened in the database and are filled in when new data is acquired. This causes the data not to be orderd as it was acquired. Thus the new search method fails to order the unit serial numbers in the datapool by date.


Work Around 1
Do not use the auto delete feature of SigQC, instead use one of the other methods of database size maintenance. These include either manually deleting data and compacting the database, or maintaining an “empty” database to copy in when the database size grows to a particular size. More details can be found on these techniques by reading the SigQC Database Administrators Guide.

Work Around 2
There is a registry entry that can be set that will return the system to the old search method. This old method is considerably slower, but does maintain the datapool in date order. In the registry entry “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Signalysis\SigQC” either add or change the “PoolAccess” string to a value of “Day”


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