Automotive Test Expo 2017

Novi, MI – October 24-26
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Learn from the Expert

Bob Coleman has authored a book “Experimental Structural Dynamics: An Introduction to Experimental Methods of Characterizing Vibrating Structures”.
We’re making copies of the book available to you while they last.
Go here to request a copy.

Experimental Structural Dynamics


See Signalysis in booth #5043 at the 2016 Automotive Test Expo.  This year’s event will be held October 25-27 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.  Learn about our end-of-production test systems,  LabVIEW development, and everything else that we have to offer.

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Brake Rotor Testing

Brake Rotor Testing
Resonance Frequencies of Brake Rotors have always been a known contributor to brake noise and premature wear of brake pads and shoes.  This presentation discusses: Brake Rotor Modes, Modal Characteristics, Vibration Excitation Methods, FRF 3 Modes of Vibration, Vibration Response Measurements, Brake Rotor Resonance Frequency, Automated Impactors and Contact vs Non-Contact Sensors.

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Noise, Vibration & Harshness

Signalysis was featured in a recent NVH article written by Desktop Engineering Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from Neil Coleman:

 “The application will typically define the hardware and software requirements for a NVH test. Normally, you cannot mix and match analysis software with data acquisition hardware. However, there are a few companies that do offer cross platform support. Most companies will normally adopt a vendor’s technology based on functionality, channel count, technical capabilities and of course the cost,” says Neil Coleman, president and CEO of Signalysis.

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The Dinger

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The Dinger is a NDT system used for batch or 100% inspection of raw or machined metal cast, fabricated, sintered, forged, die cast, or ceramic parts. It’s built on our IQC foundation that’s in daily production use by customers worldwide, and has tested over a million parts.  With Dinger you…

Experimental Structural Dynamics

Signalysis is offering a book Experimental Structural Dynamics: An Introduction to Experimental Methods of Characterizing Vibrating Structures written by Sr. Applications Specialist, Robert Coleman.  Readers will develop an understanding of the theory underlying the simple vibratory process, as well as the concepts allowing application of this understanding to the analysis of any complicated vibratory process for the most complex structure.

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For your copy contact Keith Coomer at  513-528-6164.

Knowledge Base

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Did you know that Signalysis Knowledge Base offers a variety of tips and useful advice for testing?

Software Development Services

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Did you Know…
Signalysis designs and develops custom test-system software? Prior to release your software program undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure complete satisfaction.
Our Developers will:
– Enhance & Modify Existing in-house Programs
– Improve Development Schedules
– Reduce Operating Expenses
– Provide on-site Training in Theory & Applications use

SigQC New Release

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Signalysis announces the latest release of SigQC analysis software. SigQC analyzes components, subassemblies and products to pinpoint NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) issues and determine, in real-time, if quality goals are met. Providing a completely automated PASS/FAIL inspection solution, SigQC is flexible and can be utilized for production and laboratory testing applications.

Some of the new features and capabilities include: Order Tracking, Post Process Design-Time Mode & SigQC Dashboard configuration. Read more here