SigQC New Release

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Signalysis announces the latest release of SigQC analysis software. SigQC analyzes components, subassemblies and products to pinpoint NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) issues and determine, in real-time, if quality goals are met. Providing a completely automated PASS/FAIL inspection solution, SigQC is flexible and can be utilized for production and laboratory testing applications.

Some of the new features and capabilities include: Order Tracking, Post Process Design-Time Mode & SigQC Dashboard configuration. Read more here

Automotive Test Expo Korea

WHAT’S NEWS: January 19-21 Signalysis is being represented at the Automotive Testing Expo Korea 2016 by NV Solutions. Stop in Booth #3048 to see what we have to offer!

New Release of SigQC Software

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“SigQC provides an automated production-line pass or fail inspection solution. The program eliminates guesswork by replacing subjective testing with accurate and traceable data,” explained Signalysis President, Neil Coleman. As a result, Signalysis customers are reporting measurable improvements with product quality while lowering costs associated with inspection labor and warranty claims. This latest release gives users greater flexibility while providing even more robust functionality.”

Upcoming Webinar

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Delivering the Sound of Silence: Using Accelerometers to Detect Noise Defects

All products that have moving components will inherently make some noise.  Many industries, such as home appliances, medical device and automotive have established noise requirements for product design engineers. Testing for noise in a laboratory has become a standard for almost all companies.  However, testing for these noise requirements in a manufacturing environment is extremely costly and time consuming. Signalysis and the IQC Test System will correlate excessive product noise through the components vibrations signature. This 40 minute webinar will provide an overview of accelerometer testing – from test set-up through data acquisition and analysis. Case studies and data analysis examples will also be covered.  Register here!


Automotive Testing Expo 2015

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Make plans to see us (Booth 5043) at the Automotive Testing Expo 2015, October 20-21 in Novi, Michigan! See our end-of-line testing solutions for:

  • Power Seats
  • Brakes
  • Rotors
  • Sun Roof
  • Steering
  • HVAC
  • DC Motors
  • and more!