LabVIEW Integration

LabVIEW Integration

LabVIEW IntegrationLabVIEW integration has become a large part of the Signalysis solutions package.  We combine control system hardware design with LabVIEW automation software development to provide custom test system solutions.  As a National Instruments Alliance Member, with Certified LabVIEW developers on staff, Signalysis has developed an expertise in the following areas:

  • LabVIEW Development Environment
  • LabVIEW Real-Time
  • National Instruments Hardware Platform (PXI, cRIO, sDAQ)
  • Real-Time test
  • Machine Control
  • Automated Inspection
  • Database Connectivity
  • Reporting in HTML and Office Suite

LabVIEW Solutions at Work!

Signalysis was recently called on by a metals casting company to develop a quality control system to ensure manufactured automobile covers are straightened prior to shipment.  The system was developed utilizing National Instruments hardware as the core control and custom developed LabVIEW software application to process the automation.  Working in conjunction with the assembly process, the application uses precise motion control combined with custom-built straightening algorithms to correct the material covers as they are produced.

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