All structures, buildings, bridges, automobiles, airplanes, dishwashers, dental drills, roller coasters, and so on, will exhibit a mechanical vibration signature reflecting its material properties.  The Dinger applies a known excitation force and measures vibration to identify the resonance frequencies of the structure.

One might assume that all manufactured parts are built to design and created equal.  However in the real world this is not the case as a component occasionally doesn’t meet design specifications.  Such defects can easily be identified and measured by computing a Frequency Response Function and extracting parameters such as Resonance Frequency, Percent Critical Damping, Q-Factor and even a more complex matrix of these modal parameters.  The Dinger has been designed to have a smaller footprint, a higher frequency range with additional math functions for modeling the most complex of applications.

Non-Destructive Testing

The Dinger is a fast yet sensitive NDT (non-destructive test) system used for batch or 100% inspection of raw or machined metal cast, fabricated, sintered, forged, die cast, or ceramic parts. It’s built on our IQC foundation that’s in daily production use by customers worldwide, and has tested over a million parts. Dinger allows you to dramatically improve the shipped quality, by quickly and reliably identifying parts with either global or local manufacturing defects.

Who Needs Dinger

Manufacturers in mature industries can greatly benefit from The Dinger.  Additionally manufacturers searching for an NDT inspection method for sorting to narrow tolerances, will find The Dinger to be a great solution.

About Dinger

What’s Different: We’ve successfully married inexpensive computer power with new transducer and DSP technology in a unique package. The Dinger operates on well-established principles of physics, in the range of normal human hearing. We’ll even test your sample parts free, to show how it works for you!

Repeatable: Dinger is as repeatable as your PC; and it’s based on good old, granite-solid, unchanging laws of physics, so it’s reliable.

Safe: The Dinger’s robust packaging is suitable for in-plant installation and use.

Damping: Damping and Q-Factor measurements are also possible with The Dinger.

Historical data: Users have the option of maintaining historical data or a simple Go/No-Go. If you want to keep track of data for SPC, just click a box! There are also many simple yet flexible options for serializing the historical data. If you want it, there are several sophisticated statistical analysis options

Environmentally friendly: No dangerous fluids, radiation, or emissions.

Installation: We give you the benefit of our many years experience by including several pre-configured, common setups – just choose the one closest to your situation and make a few simple configuration changes. Or, if you prefer, you can contract with us for complete installation and training. Our fixturing kit contains everything you need to get started.

Cost:  The Dinger is affordable. Contact us today for a free, no obligation requirement review.


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