Signalysis IQC Automatic PASS-FAIL Test Systems

Signalysis IQC Automatic PASS-FAIL Test Systems

solutions2Automatic PASS-FAIL Test Systems

IQC (Innovative Quality Control) is a suite of stand-alone testing solutions providing automatic PASS-FAIL product inspection for a wide variety of industries and applications. IQC systems acquire and analyze component data using mechanical vibration characteristics, analysis of functional electrical signals, and other measured and computed quantities to determine if acceptable performance standards are met.

IQC systems are powered by the Signalysis SigQC™ software engine. Flexible and configurable, SigQC allows test applications to be readily created and designed for your specific application and requirements.

IQC Test Systems

Our systems support a wide range of industries. If your mechanical testing environment requires  a test system, Signalysis can deliver. Some of the most common applications include:


PASS-FAIL status may be determined from a direct comparison to a threshold level. Or, using advanced analytical methods, established by comparison to a wide range of statistics-based target functions derived from frequency or time domain.

  • Ideal for sound & vibration testing
  • User-friendly and durable for 24/7 year-round operation
  • Turnkey solution adapts to your assembly-line test station
  • Flexible and scalable to your unique requirements

Features: Product Line

  • Digital Input Trigger
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Manual Trigger
  • Multi or Single Product Lines
  • Custom Data Storage Options
  • Operator Pass/Fail Indication
  • Custom PLC Interfaces
  • Production Line Export

Features: Reporting

  • Reports on Historical Database
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Histograms
  • Cumulative Probability Functions
  • Probability Density Target Function Calculations Methods
  • More Features

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