Noise and Vibration of appliances play a huge part in customer satisfaction. Eliminating excessive repair and warranty costs continues to be a primary driver for both manufacturers and consumers.

The IQC Production Test System is designed to perform 100% inspection of household appliances for vibration and noise defects. The system replaces subjective tests with an arsenal of signature analysis algorithms designed to objectively identify quality issues at early stages in the production line.

The IQC Noise testing can identify and measure defects within acceptable standards. Vibration may come into play with imbalanced fans or defects in bearings or motors resulting in substandard performance.

appliances2Signalysis has been in business nearly 30 years as a technology innovator of test, measurement and analysis for end of line production testing. Appliance applications have been used to test:

  • Fans vibration & balance
  • Noise detection of compressors
  • Bearings & Motors

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