IQC General

IQC General

Picture1We work with manufacturers and suppliers around the world and across a wide variety of industries to provide quality inspection test systems. If you need it, we can deliver it!

Easy to use and rugged enough for 24/7/365 operation, IQC is a production line test system that automatically determines Pass/Fail of products based on:

  • Mechanical vibration characteristics
  • Analysis of functional electrical signals
  • Other measured and computed quantities

Pass/Fail may be determined from a direct comparison of measured data to a threshold level; or, using advanced analytical methods, determined by comparing signal processed results to any of a wide range of statistics-based target functions derived either from the frequency or time domain.

As a turnkey solution dropped into the assembly line test station, IQC is invaluable when it comes to sound & vibration testing.  Acquired data is analyzed and compared to acceptable performance standards. The flexibility of SigQC (the software component) with the data processing options, provides the competitive advantage needed in today’s markets.

The IQC Vibration Test system includes the following basic components:

  • Transducers
  • IQC Computer Control System
  • SigAnalyzer acquisition and post-processing software
  • SigQC pass/fail analysis software

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