medmore2Noise and Vibration of medical devices play a huge part in patient annoyance, patient safety and surgeon comfort. Consider the case where noises caused by defective gears or bearings scare a patient into moving during x-ray scanning. The result is a second dose of radiation just to get the right picture.

The IQC Production Test System is designed to perform 100% inspection of medical devices for vibration and noise defects. The system replaces subjective tests with an arsenal of signature analysis algorithms designed to objectively identify quality issues at early stages in the production line.

medmore1The IQC Noise testing can identify a beeper that is out of tune, a speaker that distorts important instructions or even a required sequence of verbal instructions that has been programmed incorrectly into the device. Vibration may come into play with imbalanced dental tool or defects in miniature air turbines that drive hand-held tools resulting in substandard performance.

Signalysis has been in business over 23 years as a technology innovator of test, measurement for end of line production testing. Medical applications include:

  • The study of the bio-mechanics associated with sports floors
  • Hand & Arm Vibration of dental tools and surgical cutting devices
  • Noise testing on speaker and enunciators embedded in instruments
  • Performance testing of air driven devices
  • Noise detection of air compressors
  • Bearing and Motor
  • Speech recognition systems

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