Hooked on Vibration

Signalysis Sr. Applications Engineer, Bob Coleman was featured in a recent issue of Sound & Vibration magazine. Read it here.

Bob has also authored a book “Experimental Structural Dynamics: An Introduction to Experimental Methods of Characterizing Vibrating Structures”. We’re making copies of the book available to you while they last.  Go here to request a copy.

Brake Rotor Testing

Brake Rotor Testing
Resonance Frequencies of Brake Rotors have always been a known contributor to brake noise and premature wear of brake pads and shoes.  This presentation discusses: Brake Rotor Modes, Modal Characteristics, Vibration Excitation Methods, FRF 3 Modes of Vibration, Vibration Response Measurements, Brake Rotor Resonance Frequency, Automated Impactors and Contact vs Non-Contact Sensors.

View the presentation here.


Noise, Vibration & Harshness

Signalysis was featured in a recent NVH article written by Desktop Engineering Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from Neil Coleman:

 “The application will typically define the hardware and software requirements for a NVH test. Normally, you cannot mix and match analysis software with data acquisition hardware. However, there are a few companies that do offer cross platform support. Most companies will normally adopt a vendor’s technology based on functionality, channel count, technical capabilities and of course the cost,” says Neil Coleman, president and CEO of Signalysis.

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